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Let the Lord have his way
In your life everyday
There is no rest , there is no peace
Till the Lord has His way.
Put your life in His hand
Rest secure in His plan,
Let the Lord, Let the Lord have His way.


“Bind us together Lord”
Bind us together Lord
Bind us together Lord
Bind us together with love
Bind us together with love
That can’t be broken
That can’t be broken
So bind us together with cord.
Bind us together Lord
Bind us together Lord
Bind us together with love
Bind us together with love
Thre is only one way
there is only one God
So bind us together with love.


Look down with favour upon us as we are assemble here.
To praise You, O Lord.
Grant that in this school there may be laid the foundations of a character Well pleasing to You.
Be our Guardian and Guide in all things.
And help us to be faithful and true to the ideals that are set before us here.
O’God, our Creator and Father, by whom we are made.
Help us to remember that we belong to you!
Prevent us from doing any action this day.
That would make us ashamed of being called your own children!
Bless our parents, teachers and friends.
Bless our country and our leaders.
Bless those who do us good.
Bless even those who seek to hurt us.
Keep our young minds and hearts open to all who need us......
And bless the people who have no one to help and comfort them this day.


O’ my God, / I offer you / my thoughts, / my actions / and my studies.
O’ my God, / bless my parents, / my brothers, / my sisters, / my friends, / my teachers / and my country.
Give me strength/ to do good always / and to avoid / evil.


“ God is great, God is good
Thank you father for this food.”


India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters.
I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage.
I shall always strive to be worthy of it. I shall give my teachers,
parents and all elders respect and treat everyone with courtesy.
To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion in their well
being and prosperity, in which alone lies my happiness.


O’ my God, / infinite Wisdom / and / Source of all
knowledge, / grant that / we may remember / what / we have learned. / We offer you / our work and endeavours / our . failures and success, / Forgive us / our short comings / and give us / the courage / to follow always / the path of truth.


O’ my God, Giver of all good gifts, we place our minds and hearts before you,asking you to help us in our Examination.
Send upon us Your holy spirit to help us remember all that we have learnt.
Keep us calm and alert so that we may be able to do our
best and glorify and praise you always.


Dear Students,
You are the future assets of the country. Tomorrow you will take the responsibilities to run the country. Your hard work and planned study will be beneficial for you and the nation. So, please do not waste your precious time because there is no compensation for the lost time instead lost things can be regained. If your future is bright then country’s future is also bright, if your future is not secure then country’s future is dark. So, think . To get success in life you have fix a target and achieve it. Always pay regards to everyone in return you will seek the blessings. This diary is very useful, read properly each and every page because it contains the rules and regulations which has to be follow.